This is a strategy you can implement today.

It costs you ZERO dollars, and ZERO cents.

And might just be the best damn ROI for your business.

Adam stopping by again…

Female entrepreneurs call it “business besties”.

Some of these ladies have multiples “besties”.

I don’t have a fun, creative name for you today.

However, I do recommend you find a few fellow entrepreneurs who you chat/talk with on the regular.

Back in 2015, I “met” a lady in a lady in a Shopify Facebook group.

We were both new to Shopify, and we developed a friendship.

In January 2016, she came to Vegas, and I got to meet her in real life.

We’ve kept in touch over the years, chatting a few times a year.

About two months ago, we started chatting regularly.

Mainly text/voice messages back and forth.

She won a Two Comma Club (built a million dollar funnel with Click Funnels) with a free + shipping t-shirt offer. I’m pretty sure she’s the only one that’s achieved that.

We bounce ideas off each other, help, guide, mentor, lead, and inspire each other.

We share our weekly goals (did it this morning) and hold each other accountable.

When I have shitty moments, she’s there to offer a pick me up.

When she has shitty moments, I’m there to remind her of the badass she truly is.

We use the same color coded spreadsheet to track our daily activities and share our progress with each other.

We’ve gamified business.

It’s been a game changer for the both of us.

I cannot recommend this enough.

It’s made a significant difference in my business and life (we chat about being single parents, our exes, parenting, health and fitness).

It’s given me clarity.

It’s helped me reduce self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

We compete with each other, and it’s been a heck of a lot of fun.

Here’s your action item:

Find some fellow entrepreneurs you can share ideas with.

Check Facebook groups or your email list.

Slide into DMs and introduce yourself.

Come from a place of service, not trying to pitch or sell them anything.

Build connections with these people.

Some you might build a better bond with.

Get their phone numbers.

Start chatting with them regularly. Over calls, texts, DMs, and/or emails.

Entrepreneurship can be such a lonely game.

We get lost in our heads far too often.

And it prevents us from so many wonderful things.

Having people you can reach out to about life/business issues is so beneficial.

I have 4-5 people I can text at anytime if I need them (and I do).

They do the same with me.

It’s a two-way street.

A win-win.

There’s no downside to doing this.

Infinite upside.


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