Me wearing a Victoria’s Secret bra? (don’t get your hopes down 😜)

I was wrong.

For years, I’ve shouted from the mountaintops;

Offer > Everything else

However, something else needs to be in place first.

Technically, making the above equation false.

Let me explain….

I’m a 40-year-old man.

Let’s say I receive a piece of mail from Victoria’s Secret;

“Buy 1 bra and receive 10 bras for free”

Considering the average bra costs about $45 (reason #481 I love being a man)

I’d be getting about $450 in value for a tenth of the price.

However, I’m a 40-year-old man, who doesn’t need a bra.

Then again, when I stepped on the scale Christmas afternoon, one would suggest I might need a bra soon, if I continue on this egg nog, Reese’s peanut butter cups and Little Caesars diet I’ve been on for the last several months. 


Sure, that’s a steal of a deal (great offer) from Vicky’s Secret.

However, I’m not the right market.

This offer doesn’t resonate with me.

(I shared this last week, but needs to be repeated)

Years ago, the direct mail industry did a study.

And here’s what they discovered….

  • 60% of your sales success comes down to your market/audience/list
  • 30% of your sales success comes down to your offer
  • 10% of your sales success comes down to your copywriting

Yes, your offer is important.

And something I’ll continue hollering about.

However, you’ve got to have the right market (who) in place BEFORE you make the offer.

Make the RIGHT offer, to the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time.

This is a big topic in the Piss Off Boss Challenge.

It’s actually three steps;

  1. Market
  2. Offer
  3. Media (traffic)

The M.O.M method.

As you may have noticed, it follows the study I mentioned above.

I really stress the fundamentals of business, as that’s building a strong foundation.

This ain’t about building a business on quicksand that’ll wash away with an algorithm change or a social media ban.

If you’re looking for the flashy/sexy tactics, this challenge ain’t gonna do much for you.

If you’re interested in building a strong foundation, click that link below;