More important than your time

For years, I valued money over time.

Sadly, most of society operates this way.

Once I became an entrepreneur, I made a shift.

A shift to where I started valuing my time more than my energy.

My time is no longer what I value most.

Last summer, I made yet another shift.

I now protect my energy like Fort Knox.

My personal life and my business life.

I have unfriended people (and some family) online who spew negativity, constantly complain and live life with the sky is falling attitude.

This mentality is toxic.

People either add to your energy

Or rob you of your energy.

You and I only have a certain amount of energy each day.

Be careful who (or what) you give your time to.

Don’t waste a second of your energy on people who like to whine, point fingers and find the negative in every situation.

Surround yourself with people who are grateful for life.

People who are optimistic.

People who get shit done.

People who are striving to be their best.

You’ll never accomplish what you desire surrounded with crybaby losers.