My brain working overtime at the gym

I feel all entrepreneurs should lift weights.

There’s a plethora of benefits, here’s one not talked about enough…

Adam stopping by again…

I got back into the gym about six weeks ago.

I haven’t lifted weights in 3ish years.

Lifting four days/week, and feel absolutely amazing!

One of the side benefits of lifting is…

You think.

A lot.

About all kinds of shit.

Some good.

Some bad.

Some downright scary.

I’ve been trying to really simplify this whole online business thing.

Especially in 2022, as things have changed drastically.

This applies for just about any online business that I can think of.

It’s as simple as A-B-C.

A- Attract an audience

You do this by publishing content on social media about your interests.

This will attract your people.

B – Build an email list

We don’t own Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or Twitter (hey Elon!).

Any one of us could be wiped off any of those platforms because you upset someone by something you said.

An email list is something you OWN…something you CONTROL.

C – Convert subscribers to sales

You email your list offers.

This could be your own product, service or software.

Or it could be some other company’s product, service or software.

I recommend a combo of both.

That’s it, A-B-C.

Don’t complicate it.

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