Online Business Summed Up in 4 ‘Shockingly Simple’ Words

Likely the only email you’ll receive today that isn’t trying to jam some Black Friday sale down your throat.

I have a simple message to share with you today.

A message, that when applied, can drastically transform your life.

And I might just say it’s worth more than all those Black Friday special offers.

It’s only FOUR words…

But first…

On Monday, Dave Shapre of Legendary Marketer had me on his morning show, Wake Up Legendary

We discussed the importance of messaging, and how crucial it is to your success

I brought up Dave Ramsey, the financial guru, as an example

Dave has built a multi-hundred million dollar busienss

And has been around for nearly 30 years with a daily 3 hour podcast/YouTube show

His message that he ABSOLUTELY HAMMERS home is this;

“Spend less than you make”

That’s it…that’s his message.

If you’ve listened to Dave, you’ve likely heard this simple message 3,201 times.

If not more.

Gary V talks about ‘patience‘ A LOT.

I preach about ‘consistency‘ often.

The power of repeating your message OVER & OVER & OVER, for YEARS upon YEARS, is insanely important.

It might take someone three times to hear you message before they buy.

It might take someone 73 times.

It might take someone 3 years.

You have no control over that.

The only thing you can control is how many times you hammer the point home.

You want to SIMLIFY it as much as possible.

Since that interview with Dave, I got to thinking about my message.

I simplified it down to just four words;

“Create content. Make offers.”

That’s it.

That’s online business in four simple words.

Follow those four words, and you can earn as much money as your heart desires.