Save yourself time, money, frustration, stress, guilt, shame, embarrassment, anger, fear, and frequent trips to the liquor store

I have another confession to make…

I have very little (read: none) self-control when it comes to eating popcorn at the movies.

Amanda (the kids’ Mom) was in Seattle for the weekend, so I got to be with the kids all weekend.

Yesterday, we went to church, grocery shopped, (a mistake I continue to make with a 5 & 7 year old), went to my parents house for an early dinner, and caught a 6:00 movie.

The kids wanted to see Boss Baby.

The movie was about a Dad and his brother, that went back in time (as kids) to fight the bad guy.

It was pretty good, with a Dad/daughter storyline that I truly enjoyed.

Not sure if it’ll create Oscar buzz or not.


It got me thinking.

About turning back the hands of time (if that were possible).

If I could go back and talk to myself when I started this entrepreneur journey in 2010, here’s what I’d tell myself…

#1 Start working on your mindset

Without a doubt, this is what’s going to move the needle. It’s not some tactic you learn in a course, ebook or YouTube video.

It could be some limiting belief (s) you were brainwashed with.

Likely several of these.

I had a baker’s dozen of limiting beliefs I had to work through, and still working through.

The “perfect” strategy/funnel/business plan/business model doesn’t mean shit without the proper mindset.

Work on your mindset, DAILY.

#2 Start building your email list

This is something I heard the gurus yap about a decade ago.

I wish I listened to them.

I started building my list in 2012ish, but was not consistent with it.

It wasn’t as easy as it is nowadays with social media.

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#3 Don’t chase the money

This was a lesson I learned the hard way.

In 2015, I launched a jewelry store, and made some good coin.

I paid off my car, a truckload of debt and took my Dad to the Masters golf tournament in 2016.

However, about 14 months into that business, I shut it down.

The money “high” wore off.

Sure I was making a lot of money, but I was miserable.

I know people who build businesses purely around the money, so I’m not saying it’s not possible. It just ain’t for me.

Especially in 2021, you can literally monetize ANYTHING nowadays.

So why build something you don’t enjoy?

This is a great content idea you can share with your people.

What advice would you give yourself when you started on your journey?

Go share this on social media somewhere.

Write an email about it.

Record a podcast.

Shoot a video.

Impact Over Income,

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