The Downside of Working With Clients

There are a few, but here’s a big one that I haven’t been able to conquer.

Adam stopping by again…

I don’t do much client work.

Hadn’t done it in a number of years.

For one, I struggled with sales.

If you want to sign clients for any of your services, sales is a BIG part of it.

Another thing I sucked at was setting boundaries.

I would bend over backwards for the client.

They’d add more work, and I’d happily do it (without charging).

They’d call me on a Tuesday night at 9:00 PM, and I’d pause The Office and answer excitedly.

I ended up resenting them over time for something that was MY fault.


I had a business coach reach out to me earlier this year.

He’s 23 and doing $5 million per year.

Mind-boggling to think about.

He liked my Facebook posts and wanted me to write daily emails for him.

We worked together for about two months, and he had somewhat of a quarter-life crisis.

He slashed his team from 13 people down to 5.

He got rid of a lot of his service providers, myself included.

He’s passed along 4 referrals since then, so I’m grateful for that.

It’s kept me quite busy, but that’s come at an expense.

I have not been emailing as frequently as I used to.

It’s caused me to lose focus.

I’m doing a lot of writing, just not for myself.

So that is another downside of working with clients.

I spoke with a friend earlier this week who helped her client generate $10,000 last week with her Shopify store.

My friend texted me, “I wish I could do that with my own store“.

She, like me, is putting so much focus on her client’s results, she’s taken her eye off her business.

So why do it?

I’m networking with some high level entrepreneurs.

One guy is doing a million per year with a wholesaling business.

He’s a systems guy, and only works on that business 10 hours/week.

A brilliant dude.

Another guy has 24 Air BnB properties, and only owns 6 of them! The other 19 are rentals, and doing rental arbitrage. He’s teaching me the ropes of Air BnB.

The numbers are almost unbelievable.

For example, he has one house that he owns.

Total costs last month for this house was roughly $6,200.

He brought in $22,679 last month in rental income.

About $16,000 in profits from one property in one month.

Not too bad.

Now this house cost $750k, and he put down 20%.

So he’s got a lot invested in it.

The summer months are better than the winter months, so this is not typical.

So if you’re doing any type of client work, think of the people you get to network with.

Often times, this can be worth more than the money they pay you.

It might come at a cost, but it might pay off in the long run.

Not only that…

You can get free mentoring/coaching from them, too.

A nice little cherry on top.


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