The Importance of Making More Offers, Consistently

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This is a big problem I see in the online entrepreneurial industry.

People are not making the money they desire, and it comes down to the fact that they’re simply not making enough offers. Some make an offer or two a month, and wonder why business is so slow.

The fear of rejection, failure, self-doubt and imposter syndrome are some of the reasons for this.

In this episode, I challenge you to start making one offer (at least) every single day. I want this to become a daily habit of yours. I want this to become so routine for you like eating, showering or brushing your teeth.

I also share why I feel you’re being SELFISH by not making a daily offer to your audience. You’re doing them a disservice.

You’ll also hear a piece of million dollar advice that I received from a mentor or mine who’s earned more than $15 million online. It’s so simple, and painfully obvious, once your hear it.

Click play to hear the advice and a lot more.