The Rams had a solid game plan last night…do you?

Interested in growing your audience AND bank account at the same time?

Adam stopping by again…

Did you see the Super Bowl last night?

I imagine there’s a good chance you did.

What a great game!

Hats off to the Rams for a come-from-behind 4th quarter victory.

Happy for Matt Stafford, as I’ve been watching him play (lose) in Detroit for the last 12 seasons.

Each team had a solid game plan.

The Rams executed better on their game plan.

Now they’re Super Bowl champions.

Having a solid game plan doesn’t just apply to football, though.

Business, parenting, marriage, fitness and health all require a game plan.

Having the game plan is one thing, you also need to EXECUTE on said game plan, too.

In business, it starts with these two things;

Market = A group of people with a present problem.

Offer = A solution to that market’s problem.

Not a fancy funnel, logo, or pretty website.

Those things have their place, just not when starting out.

Next week, I’m hosting a LIVE workshop, The 48 Hour eBook Challenge.

It’ll be a 60ish minute live training, followed by a Q & A.

You’re going to create the ebook around ONE problem your market currently faces.

Your ebook is going to be an offer you will sell.

Two birds.

One stone.

If you write and publish your ebook within 48 hours of the workshop, I will be your first customer!

You’re getting PAID to create a digital asset.

I’ve yet to see this type of guarantee anywhere on the World Wide Web.

I’ve had a number of people complete this challenge within 48 hours.

Some have done it in under 24 hours (those overachievers)

===> Yes Adam! I want to build my audience AND bank account at the same time!


When you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help you….

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