The recipe for success (copy this dude)

The biggest game of college football is on tonight.

Alabama vs. Georgia.

Nick Saban (Alabama’s coach) is arguably the best college football coach of all time.

Some might even say he’s the best football coach of all time.

Either way…

Nick Saban coached Michigan State (1995 – 1999) where he lost 40% of his games.

He then went on to coach at LSU (2000 – 2004) where he only had one 10 win season.

In 2005, he jumped to the NFL to coach the Miami Dolphins.

In two seasons, he went 15 – 17.

In 2007, he left the NFL to coach the Alabama Crimson Tide where they’ve won six National Championships (potentially 7 tonight)

Before Alabama, he was a “pretty good” coach.

This got me thinking…

This is a lot like business.

Your first business might be a complete failure.

Your second business might be an improvement, but by no means what you would call “successful”.

It might be your third or fourth or 9th business that becomes successful.

You’re learning as you grow.

What to do.

What not to do.

How to handle certain situations.

Avoiding common pitfalls — learning from your previous mistakes. 

Side stepping certain obstacles and/or challenges.

The laundry list goes on and on.

I imagine this is how Saban became the greatest.

He’s learned from each coaching stop along the way. Just like you do from each business venture.

He never gave up.

He continued to study the game.

Eventually, he mastered it. Although, I doubt he would ever claim that.

A lot of his coaching revolves around the fundamentals (what some would call boring/mundane).

This is how business works.

This is how parenting works.

This is how relationships work.

This is how health & fitness work.

Focusing on the fundamentals.

Constant iterations.

Fine-tuning, tweaking, testing and consistently striving to improve from the day before.

This is the recipe for success in ANY venture of life.

Social media just shows the highlights, rarely does it reveal the late nights tossing and turning, constantly 37th guessing yourself if you’re doing the right thing.

One foot in front of the other.