This $4 billion dollar company did it, you should too

If you’ve been on this email list for more than 3 days, you know I yap about this often.

The MOST common question I get asked is this:

Where do I start?!?

And I answer it with a question every time;

Who is your market? 

This piece of the puzzle needs to be in place before doing anything else.

This is step numero uno.

And I often say, “the more specific your market, the better

And let me prove it to you…

Lululemon was founded in 1998.

Their first standalone store opened in November 2000.

They generated $4 BILLION in revenue in 2019.

It’s safe to say, they may know a thing or two about how to do business successfully.

Initially, they started selling only yoga pants & yoga wear.

Since then, they’ve expanded their product line.

They now sell athletic apparel and technical clothing.

I have absolutely ZERO clue what “technical clothing” is.

My point is…

They focused on serving a very specific niche (yoga) when they started out.

They didn’t try to market to the entire athletic market like they do now.

It wouldn’t have worked.

They niched down.

Even the billion-dollar companies start by niching down.

I’m reminded by a quote from one of my mentors, “Niche down to blow up“.

My advice: Follow their lead. 

Impact Over Income,

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