This is NOT a Sexy topic

But it needs to be said.

As it’s leading people to crippling doubt, second guessing themselves, and some are throwing in the towel altogether.

Adam stopping by again….

The problem I see in this industry is: Unrealistic expectations

It’s mind-blowing to see what some people expect out of business.

Some of these people in these FB groups are upset they’re not generating leads and sales in week #2. No joke.

And it’s not their fault.

It’s the fault of the Greedy Gurus.

Last week, a doctor commented on a Tik Tok of mine;

I replied with a video, and my first question was:

How many visits have you had to your sales page?

He’s using a Stan Store, a pretty neat all-in-one tool that’s quite popular on Tik Tok.

He replied back with his numbers:

  • Store Visits: 72 visits
  • Product Visits (that he’s selling): 18 visits

So, his product has had 18 visitors, and he’s converted 2 sales.

11.1% conversion rate.

Which is outstanding!

I know it’s super early, but he’s heading in the right direction.  

When it comes to conversions, there are a million factors like traffic source, audience (warm or cold), market, offer, price, even time of year can make a difference.

A good baseline to aim for is 2% – 4%.

Average is just under 3% overall.

Meaning, if you get 100 visits to your sales page, you should expect to generate 2 – 4 sales.

However, you want to try and improve that number over time.

But when starting out, aim for 3%.

If you’re under that, you need to make some tweaks.

If you’re above that, keep sending more traffic to the page.

And continue testing things to try and improve it.

Once I pointed this out to the guy, he had a lightbulb moment.

And answered his own question: So, I need more volume (traffic), right?



These Greedy Gurus will run a promotion to their email list, which is a warm audience.

Warm = They know who they are. The guru has built up trust with them over time since their on their email list. 

They’ll discount a product at 50%.

The promo starts on Thursday.

Monday – Wednesday they’re emailing their list, building anticipation for the launch/special promo.

If they’re smart, they email 1x – 3x times on Thursday, once or twice on Friday and Saturday and 3x – 6x on Sunday.

The majority of the sales will come on Sunday.

Usually within hours of the promo ending.

People are weird and like to wait until the last minute.

Then they’ll brag on social media that they converted 28% of their list.

Context matters. 

And context is rarely shared, as it would ruin their “chest pounding” moment.

In my 48 Hour Ebook Challenge, phase 2 (after they’ve written and published their ebook) is to get 100 visits to their sales/order form page.

Ideally, in the first 30 days.

Some do it sooner.

Some it takes a little longer.

If you don’t have 3 sales after 100 visits, we need to discuss if there is demand for the ebook.

  • Is it priced right?
  • Did you do your research?
  • What does the cover look like? Is the title of the book clear (in what it promises AND easy to read)?

If you have 3+ sales, let’s “pour gas on the fire” (get more traffic).

We have a validated offer!

If you have nothing for sale.

Sadly, this is something I’m seeing more and more often. It’s hard to earn money when you don’t have anything for sale. 

Let’s fix that right now.

By Saturday, you could have your first digital product for sale on the World Wide Web.

A week from today, you could be servicing your first few customers.

Work is involved.

So is fast, imperfect action.

When you write and publish your ebook in 48 hours….

I become your FIRST paying customer!

That’s my “carrot on the stick” to get you to take action right away.

When you’re ready, click the link below;


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