This made me feel like 💩

I turn 40 this Sunday.

We’re now down to days…not weeks.

Up until this past weekend, I didn’t have any exciting plans.

Dinner with the family, is the standard birthday routine.

Last week, my buddy Conrad texted me his plans for his brother-in-law’s 40th birthday celebration.

Which included a pool party on the strip last Saturday, a club that night, and an Usher concert tomorrow night.

His text made me feel like shit.

That wasn’t his intention, of course.

It made me want to do something exciting for my 40th birthday.

On Saturday, Conrad texted me some pictures/videos of himself at the pool party.

It brought me back to my party days on the strip.

Saturday night, I decided I’m going to Sedona for my birthday weekend.

My parents are watching the kids, and Amanda (the kids Mom) and I are heading to Sedona Saturday morning, and staying until Monday.

Yesterday morning, I texted Conrad “thank you”.

I told him how his text made me feel, and it caused me to think/reflect on things.

Why do I share this?

For a couple of reasons…

Don’t forget to live life.

Go enjoy yourself.

It’s a big reason we do the work we do — to enjoy the experiences with family & friends.

I justified not doing anything for my birthday as we just spent two weeks in Montana.

And the other thing is, something I yap about a lot.

Your environment.

Surround yourself with people who push you, who uplift you, who are rooting you on.

People who remind you why you do what you do.

I’m 100% convinced it’s the uptime success hack. 

I know have something to look forward to this weekend.

If it wasn’t for Conrad, it’d be just another birthday.

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