“This man is so underrated”

Well, this was a pleasant surprise.

Last week, I had a call with Omar, a fellow Dadpreneur from Dubai.

He became a Dad just 10 months ago.

I remember the days.


He bought a training of mine a few weeks ago.

And made money from it QUICKLY!

So I knew he was an action taker — a dream client (because he takes action!)

We had our call, which was supposed to be 30-45 minutes.

We ended up chatting north of two hours.

He shared this post in the Dadpreneur Freedom Facebook group;

My favorite part of that post?

The last sentence.

Now I believe I can do way more than I thought. 

And that’s the magic of having someone in your corner.

Someone who guides you to your destination (he’s hoping to quit his Chemical Engineering job in the coming months)

Someone who gets you to believe in yourself.

Someone who expands your thinking.

This is the power of having a coach guide you, lead you, and push you.

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Give yourself an early Christmas gift.

You deserve it for all the hard work you’ve put in this year.