This sales funnel did $339 million last year


Ashton’s birthday is August 6th.

Mine is August 8th.

Ava’s birthday is August 30th.

Needless to say, August is a busy month.

I’m happy September is here.

Four months left in another wild, weird year.

122 days, to be exact.


On Sunday, we celebrated Ava’s 8th birthday with family/cousins at the water park.

On Monday, her actual birthday, Amanda & I picked the kids up from school.

And took them to the Build-a-Bear store.

I was amazed by how every square inch of the store was maximized for profit.

When you walk in, you pick out a bear (no stuffing), which ranged anywhere from $15 – $45.

They had a 2 for $45 special running.

After that, the kids had the option of selecting a sound to put in their stuffed animal, ranging from $5 – $8.

Add a heartbeat for $6.50.

The next station was them putting the stuffing inside.

Which had an additional option/upsell, the kids could pick a scent to put in the animal, which was $4.

Ashton chose cotton candy.

Ava chose bubble gum.

Then it was time to accessorize with clothing, shoes, wigs, glasses, wands, and other accessories, ranging from $15 – $60.

The final stop was the birth certificate.

Surprisingly, there was no charge for this.

At the checkout, the lady asked if the kids wanted a backpack for $9 – $10.

Or a house (cardboard box) which was $1 or $2.

She then offered us 4 $10 gift cards for $20.

We declined those.

Total cost for two stuffed animals = $108.

That is a real life sales funnel.

It was brilliantly executed, too.

Not only that, they provided a fun experience.

The kids had a blast customizing their stuffed animals each step of the way.

It’s no surprise they did $339 million last year.

Two questions for you to ponder…

How can you maximize your profits with upsells/upgrades? 

How can you provide an exceptional experience for your customers/clients?

Model Build-a-Bear, as they have it dialed in.

It was quite impressive.

Impact Over Income,

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