“Time freedom. Sick of driving an hour each day to hell island.”

I’m testing out this slick software with people who invest in the Piss Off Boss Challenge.

Once someone purchases, a video of me pops up where I ask them a question:

“What caused you to raise your hand and sign up for the Piss Off Boss Challenge?”

The person can answer via text, audio or video.

All responses are stored within the software, and I can reply with text, audio and/or video.

One of the responses I received yesterday was;

“Time freedom. Sick of driving an hour each day to hell island” 

This is why he invested in the challenge.

Maybe you can relate?

The morning commute can me mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

Depending on the length of the commute, it can put a significant dent in your wallet, too (especially with gas prices skyrocketing lately).

Now, I’m not gonna promise the Piss Off Challenge is going to help you eliminate that commute this month.

However, it’ll give you the step-by-step plan to make it a reality this year.

Focus, discipline and hard work are required.

If you’ve got the drive, here is the roadmap;


You’re guaranteed to make your first (or next) online sale within 14 days.

I like using these types of guarantees, as it inspires fast, imperfect action. Which is half the battle when it comes to achieving just about anything worthwhile in life.

If you’re an action taker, this be for you.

Get started today by clicking the link below…