Twitter truth seeker reveals how to uncover your purpose in 3 steps

Yesterday I came across an interesting tweet.

From a guy I really enjoy following.

If you’re on Twitter, and looking to attain self mastery, Fateh is a must follow

Here’s the tweet;

Over the years, I know finding your purpose is a common struggle for many.

Fateh breaks in down in 3 steps.

Here’s what’s ironic….

When starting a business, I have broken it down into answering three questions.

  1. Who is your market?
  2. What are you going to sell them? Your own product/service? Someone else’s product/service (affiliate marketing)?
  3. How are you going to communicate with them? A billboard? YouTube? A podcast? Blog? Facebook? Tik Tok?

Eerily similar to finding your purpose, isn’t it?

Sadly, many skip or half-ass that first one (your market), which is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle.

One way to uncover your market is to publish an ebook about a problem you’ve solved, an obstacle you’ve overcame and/or a challenge you’ve conquered for yourself.

You publish content around that topic.

And then package up your framework, methodology or system into a nice, short ebook (20 – 40 pages is all)

Something you could hammer out in an afternoon.

For step-by-step instructions, click on that link below.