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Adam stopping by again…

Yesterday, I had a call with a husband of a lady I went to high school with.

He’s a golf pro at a Country Club.

The 80-hour work weeks are wearing him down.

As a father of two young daughters, he’s missing out on some of those precious moments.

After our call, his wife sent me this message;

People are hurting out there.

They’re working themselves into the ground.

Luckily, this guy is doing something he loves, however, it’s coming at an expense: His family.

His dream is to have a YouTube channel and monetize it with sponsorships.

He asked, “Do you think this is something that could replace my current income in 4-5 years?”

I replied, “4-5 years?!? The people I typically talk to are looking to replace their current income in 30 days. 4-5 years is absolutely possible. In fact, you could do it in one year with focus, discipline and consistency“.

He had a long-term mindset.

This is something that’s missing in today’s world.

Everyone wants it RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

They have this “microwave mentality”.

Most vastly underestimate the time it takes to build a business/lose the weight/gain the muscle/build a deeper connection with their spouse/kids/etc.

That’s why I tell people to pick a market (a group of people that has a present problem) and commit to serving, guiding, leading, inspiring, teaching and motivating that market for 2+ years.

This is the mindset of a winner.

Find a problem you enjoy solving for a group of people you enjoy solving it for. 

That right there, a quote from a mentor, might be the best advice I can share with you.

I shared that quote with him, and he wants to help Dads lower their score on the golf course.

We’re going to work together on launching/growing/monetizing his YouTube channel.

I brought up the idea of selling his IP (intellectual property), in the form of digital products.

This was a new idea to him.

I suggested he write an ebook about something like: How to hit the ball 20 yards further every drive.

This would act as an “entry point to his eco-system”.

And that’s the purpose of a low-priced digital product: To get people into your eco-system.

Your ebook acts as an “entry point” not a “final destination”.

It’s 5x – 12x time easier to sell to a current customer than it is to sell to a new prospect.

Your ebook should deliver a specific promise (this doesn’t have to be big, in fact, I recommend it being something small/achievable).

You want them to implement what you teach right away.

You want them experiencing quick results (ex: you help them shed 10 lbs in 60 days without dieting, and they’ve lost 1.3 lbs in the first 10 days of buying your ebook)

This builds I-want-to-name-my-first-born-after-you type trust.

Which leads them to ask for more advice/help/coaching/mentorship/etc.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Your ebook is that “first step”.

Once you get a customer, magic starts to happen.

You’re making progress.

You’re building momentum.

You’re gaining Grant Cardone-like confidence.

And this is a confidence game.

This is what so many lack.

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