Want to publish a Nano Book?

“Memories for several lifetimes”

That was a text I received from my buddy Conrad when we arrived in Vegas last night.

I had texted him about our incredible trip to Montana, and how we made it home safe and sound.

A fantastic trip, but I’m happy to be home.


Earlier this week, I sent out an email about an idea of a running a LIVE workshop helping you write your first (or next) Nano Book.

What is a Nano Book you ask?

First off, it’s a word I made up.

Here’s my definition:

A short, 20 – 40-page guide helping solve a specific problem for a specific person that you write and publish in 48 hours.

This “definition” might change a bit, but think you get the idea.

I’ve had several people show interest.

Your Nano Book will give you a digital asset that can you can sell for years and years to come.

Your Nano Book acts as a gateway to your eco-system, not the final destination.

You can sell more Nano Books, trainings, courses, coaching, consulting, masterminds, etc.

If you write and sell your Nano Book within 48 hours, I’ll be your first customer.

That’s right, I am rewarding the action takers!

So if you’ve never earned money online, you’re guaranteed to finally earn your first dollar online.

This is similar to an Nano Book (300 Extra) I released last year.

I’ve had 12 – 15 people write and publish their first Nano Book within 48 hours with 300 Extra.

Out of probably 80 – 100 sales, so the percentages have been fantastic.

Typical course consumption is somewhere in the 3% – 5% range.

Consumption, not actually taking action.

The “I will be your first customer guarantee” has inspired 12 – 15 ass kicking, excuse eliminating, entrepreneurs to write and publish a Nano Book in just 48 hours.

Which was the exact purpose of that guarantee.

However, I think we can do better.

I think a LIVE workshop will help even MORE people take action.

Help MORE put their work onto digital paper and release it to the world.

Help MORE people eliminate excuses, and take fast, imperfect action!

Help MORE people publish their first (or next) digital asset on the World Wide Web.

This is a paid workshop ($27).

I am aiming to host the workshop early August (thinking the 2nd), just a few days before my 40th birthday (eek!).


Shoot me an email Adam AT adamdukes.com and let me know.

Impact Over Income,