What happened at Walgreens last Saturday SHOCKED me

I publish a lot of content.

2 YouTube videos a week.

1 podcast a week.

1-2 Tik Toks per day.

1-2 videos on IG (these are from TikTok, but still take time to do).

2 – 4 emails per week.

I don’t advise you model me.

Admittedly, I have a slight obsession with publishing content.

I truly do enjoy it.

Not to say I have days when I struggle with ideas.

Often times, I question what I’m doing…

Is all this content worth it?

Do people even care?

Should I be doing something else?

Last Saturday, all those questions were answered with a quick trip to Walgreens.

The kids were behaving well, and I ran downstairs.

I told them to put on their shoes.

We were going to Walgreens to get some candy.

They were elated.

This is a Walgreens I’ve been to hundreds of times over the years.

Over time, I have developed a friendship with the cashier there, Nigel.

A guy from Oakland, and a die hard (Oakland) Raiders fan.

We chat about football, basketball and college (he takes classes at UNLV).

About a year ago, I noticed he started following me on IG.

On Saturday, when we walked in, he said, “Man, I love your videos on Instagram.They’re so motivational. Do you want to get together next week as I’d like to talk to you about something?”

(We’re going to lunch at 12:30 today)

And just like that…

All those questions that swirl around in my head were answered.

My content IS making a difference.

It is helping people.

It is shifting people’s perspective on things.

So my message with this email is this, and something I say often…just sometimes forget myself.

Your story matters.

Your words matter.

Your content could make a difference to someone.

It might provide that spark, that shift.

It could provide that “ah ha” moment they need.

That’ll cause them to look at things differently.

That’ll get them to finally take action.

But it ain’t gonna happen if you don’t put yourself out there.

So start TODAY.

Impact Over Income,

P.S. Last night, I recorded a brand new Dadpreneur Freedom Podcast episode about this encounter. You’ll hear about another very similar story that happened at Jiu Jitsu yesterday.

Have a listen here: The Hidden Benefits of Publishing Content That No One Talks About