What you can learn from a 44 year old NFL quarterback

This is a story I share often.

Roger Banister…

Heard of him?

He broke the 4-minute mile back in May 1954.

Experts, like doctors & scientists, said it was impossible for a human being to run a 4-minute mile.

It sounds like the experts we hear from today 😋

Within a year, there were a dozen of people who broke the — once thought impossible — 4-minute mile.

Today is Tom Brady’s birthday.

He’s 44.

My fellow Leo, has broken the 4-minute mile for the NFL. 

Quarterbacks rarely played past 35, just a decade ago.

Into their 40s?

Nearly impossible.

Brady isn’t just playing, he’s still dominating

So how is he doing it?

He’s never been the athletic type.

Father Time AND 21 years in the NFL is brutal on your body.

Brady has a bulletproof mindset.

Here’s a tweet I found from right after the Super Bowl this year;

He made his teammates BELIEVE they were going to win.

Not only does he believe it, he gets others to believe in it, too.

That’s what a true leader does.

Admittedly, it’s cult-like.

It all starts with B-E-L-I-E-F.

It’s why I have “Believe” tattooed on my wrist.

To serve as a constant reminder.

I’m not claiming that you need to go out and get a tattoo.

But you can practice to build up your belief “muscle”.

Positive self talk works extremely well, when practiced consistently.

Surround yourself with other winners who inspire you to level up, is a hack I often share.

Write the word believe on a post-it note.

Post it on your monitor.

Read it aloud daily.

Some of this stuff seems silly, but it works.

Put it into action, Adam


Impact Over Income,

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