Why copywriting is overrated (proof) 😮

This is gonna piss off the greedy gurus.

And this is something I shared with a fellow Dadpreneur last week, and he replied with;

that really is a powerful example

My sister, Annie, is a vegan.

You could hire the absolute best copywriter in the world.

And pay this copywriter $100,000+ to try to convince, persuade and/or manipulate her to eat a steak that is lightly seasoned with rock salt and wrapped in hardwood-smoked, honey cured bacon.

And it would not matter ONE DAMN BIT.

My sister is not the right market.

She’s not going to even take a bite of the steak, no matter the copywriter’s wizardry.

Years ago, the direct mail industry did a study.

And here’s what they discovered….

60% of your sales success comes down to your market/audience/list.

30% of your sales success comes down to your offer.

10% of your sales success comes down to your copywriting.

I’m not saying copywriting is not important, because it certainly is.

However, there are two other key components that’ll get your prospect to open up their wallet (or purse) and hand you the green stuff.

In fact, if you know your market well enough, a sixth grader could write the copy that has your prospect heaving wads of cash at you.

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