Why I’m Starting Over on Tik Tok

Starting fresh.

A clean slate.

Adam stopping by again…

I built up one Tik Tok account to 107,000 followers.

Sadly, about 45,000 of those followers came from one video.

This video got just over 5 million views.

It was a motivational video as I hopped on a trend last summer.

That may sound “cool’, and admittedly, I got caught up in the vanity metrics.


Since then, my account hasn’t performed well.

I feel a lot of those followers weren’t my market.

And they had little to no interest in my content.

On that account, I talked about a wide range of different topics.

My content might appear to be schizophrenic. Kinda like my music playlist on Amazon 😉

Last Thursday, I created a new account.

Really narrowing down my focus to mindset, digital products and creator tips. Sprinkled in with some Dad videos, as this is my personal account.

I’m actually planning this content with a spreadsheet.

No willy-nilly posting whatever comes to my mind.

I hired an editor to make it look all flashy with captions, sound effects and quick jump cuts.

I somehow have content planned out (and recorded) for the rest of June.

Planning ahead makes such a difference, and not something I typically do.

Three “levels” of content:

  • Top of Funnel (Attention) – 20%
  • Middle of Funnel (Education) – 60%
  • Bottom of Funnel (Conversion) – 20%

Each of these stages has a different objective (in parentheses).

Taking Tik Tok more serious as I’ve seen the benefits over the years.

Repurposing these on Facebook & Instagram as Reels, and LinkedIn for more exposure.

Going ALL IN with short form video content.

YouTube has Shorts.

Facebook & IG has Reels.

Pinterest recently launched Idea Pins.

Spotify and Netflix are testing out short form video content, too.

The writing is on the wall.

The future is short form video content.

And the future is here.

Are you capitalizing on this opportunity?


When you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help you….

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