Why you should only focus on ONE

This is something I yap about often.

In fact, I have a yellow sticky not on my monitor that reads;

Confusion, overwhelm and complexity. 

A lot of my content revolves around removing anyone of those words.

So many people overcomplicate this online business thing.

And I’m not saying it’s easy, however, it’s quite simple.

I have a slight obsession with simplicity.

Here’s your online business model;

Pick ONE specific market you want to serve.

One that you’re committed to serving for the next 2+ years.

Pick ONE content channel — a blog, podcast and/or YouTube.

Commit to publishing consistently on this platform.

Pick ONE communication channel.

Any social media platform will do. (This is optional, as you don’t need social media to build a business, contrary to popular belief)

Create ONE funnel that you drive traffic to.

In this funnel you can sell your own product/service or another company’s (affiliate marketing).

Step One: Create content (consistently)

Step Two: Make offers (to your email list)

That’s all you need.

The rest is just noise.

If you need help with the funnel part, I just released a 100% free training.

It’s only two videos, which you can devour in about 30 minutes.

As you’re watching, you can be building your own SIMPLE funnel.

Check it out here: https://www.adamdukes.com/simple/

You could have your funnel, up & running, by this time tomorrow.

I’m currently in Montana.

With shitty wi-fi (I’m writing this from a bar that has wi-fi).

My funnel is generating me leads & sales while I’m swimming with the kids.

There’s no reason you can’t be doing the same thing.

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