Why you should throw conventional business wisdom out the window

I want to share a story about a high school football coach.

Not to worry, this relates to your business, and your life.

And could completely change the game for you.

About six months ago, I came across a TikTok about an Arkansas high school football coach.

This coach does things differently, and that might be the understatement of the decade.

In an article I found online, they wrote;

“He doesn’t just throw conventional football wisdom out the window — he hucks it off a mountaintop, finds it after its descent, douses it in kerosene and incinerates it with a flamethrower.”

Much better explanation.

Kevin Kelley rarely punts the football and always onside kicks the ball.

It sounds bizarre, but does it work?

He’s won 9 state championships in 18 years, so, yes, his style does work.

He was also named USA Today National Coach of the Year

You’re very likely wondering…

How does this relate to me?!?

Kevin Kelley doesn’t play by the typical rules.

He blazes his own trail.

And it’s working quite well for him.

In business, you’ve likely been taught there are rules that should be followed.

Or there are ways that you should do things.

Or best practices.

Or how/why you should color inside the lines. 

Absolute and utter bullshyt!

There are no rules in business.

You make your own rules.

Blaze your own trail!

It’s YOUR business, YOUR rules!

You do what feels right for you at the time, not what someone told you to do — including me!

Repeat after me…

I create the rules!

I create the rules!

I create the rules!

Never forget that.


Impact Over Income,

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