Your secret weapon that’s rarely talked about

Amazon was founded in July of 1994.

A lifetime ago.

Today, they have 12 MILLION products available online.

Earning $386.1 BILLION last year.

They now serve just about everyone on the planet.

However, when they started, they sold books.

In other words, they niched down, something I yap about often.

Not only them…

Lululemon launched in 1998.

Back then, they sold yoga pants to women.

A very specific product for a very specific market.

They also niched down. 

They now sell workout apparel & accessories to men and women.

When starting your online business, step #1 is determining your target market.

This is a step so many overlook or half ass.

Typically, these same people struggle for days, months or even years.

It’s sad to see.

When you niche down, this allows you to talk to your market’s specific pain points.

It allows you to be empathetic with your market.

Remember, empathy is your secret weapon when it comes to marketing.

Trouble narrowing down your niche?

You’re not alone. 

One of the cool things with my 300 Extra strategy…

You write a short ebook/guide on a problem you’ve solved for yourself.

You outline your 3/5/7 step framework/methodology.

Sell it for $10.

You publish content around that topic.

Which attracts a certain type of person.

Some of those people start buying your ebook as it solves a problem they’re struggling with.

You don’t need to find your niche.

In a way, it finds you.

It starts with you publishing a book around a problem, challenge and/or obstacle you’ve overcome.

Your ebook acts as the gateway to your online business, not the destination.

Don’t be surprised when your customers start asking for more help (aka wanting to give you more money!)

If you’re up for it, click the link below.

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