$4,500,504.07 in 1,000 days?

I have talked about this guy a lot.

He’s a neighbor of mine.

Well, he lives here in Vegas, not next door to me.

His name is Chris Johnson.

He shared this screenshot yesterday;

He doesn’t use any fancy funnel building tools.

No upsells, downsells or anything related to your typical funnel.

He doesn’t spend thousands on Facebook ads.

He doesn’t have an email list.

He doesn’t offer high end coaching/consulting/masterminds or anything like that.

Could he 2x – 3x this with a funnel, email and higher priced offers?

Without a doubt.

He could likely 5x that amount.

However, he does business his way.

It’s shockingly simple.

And I respect the hell out of how he does things.

He does have a Discord group with 31,000 members that pay at least $25/mo that’s not shown here. (do the math…it’s absurd)

All his courses are under $50.

I have bought a couple over the years and they are nothing fancy.

All very good and well worth the investment.

Most are just one video recording with a basic PowerPoint presentation.

He does this all with FREE traffic (Twitter).

He uses a FREE tool, Gumroad, to sell/deliver his trainings.

Over the last 3 years, he’s averaging 121 customers per day.

That’s mind blowing to think about.

He’s had his Twitter account shut down numerous times, and has had to start over (zero followers).

His train keeps trucking.

His simple approach to selling online is insanely inspiring.

You do NOT need any fancy tools.

You do NOT need money to get started.

You do need focus, discipline and a strong work ethic.

What could you do over the next 1,000 days?

Chris showed you what’s possible.

It’s your turn!