81% of people want to do THIS. Do you?

I just got this text from my sister;

She published her first book on Amazon.

This is something she’s wanted to do for YEARS.

Just never got around to it.

Which is quite common.

Maybe you can relate?

Did you know 81% of people want to write a book?

I’ve heard only 5% of people actually do.

Sad to see.

300 Extra inspired my sister to put an end to her excuses.

She wanted to publish on Amazon, so got my Overnight Authority training — a step-by-step training on how to publish a best seller on Amazon.

It’s an optional upsell.

She just posted on Facebook about it, and wanted to include a piece of her post;

“Here’s to getting out of our comfort zone, take the risk, see that time on earth is precious, so we must do the thing our heart says we should do.”

Well said, Annie!

She’s a better writer that I am.


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I can’t promise it’ll make you cry

I can promise you’ll feel absolutely incredible once you publish it.

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