an unorthodox way to find your niche

An Unorthodox Way to Find Your Niche

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Finding your niche.

Every entrepreneur’s kryptonite.

Arguably, the most important step in starting any type of business –online or offline.

A step many entrepreneurs gloss over, as they think targeting everyone will increase their chances for success.

They think…

If I target all 7.6 billion people, the more opportunites for someone to buy my product or service.

It’s actually the exact opposite.

A great quote from the marketing genius Dan Kennedy goes something like this…

When you market to everyone, you speak to no one.

Your message has to be crystal clear, especially in today’s noisy world.

To fine tune your message, you first have to figure out who you’re speaking to.

If you’re a fan of video, I have a video for you to watch below.

If you’re a fan of the written word, just scroll on by the video.

How to Get Your Audience to Find Your Niche for You

Here’s a shockingly simple 4-step approach, finding your niche.

Pick ONE Social Media Platform

One you enjoy using.

One you’re committed to.

One you feel comfortable with.

One where your target market hangs out.

One you can produce an obscene amount of content on.

There is no “perfect” platform.

One that works for you, might not work for me. And vice versa.

I see a lot of entrepreneurs who jump on Tik Tok because it’s the new kid on the block. 

It’s shiny, flashy and sexy.

Yet, the thought of them getting on camera…

Love to write? Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn would be great platforms.

Love making videos? Tik Tok or Instagram would be ideal.

Want to stay anonymous (not reveal your face or name)? Twitter is an underutilized platform, and a perfect platform for the introverts.

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Post About 7-10 Topics You Enjoy Talking About

This is your chance to “brain dump” your ideas, thoughts, and/or beliefs onto social media.

I don’t care what you talk about as long as it’s something you enjoy talking about.

You’re going to commit to posting on one social media platform daily for the next 30 days.

You can share a lesson, insight, or an ah ha moment you’ve had.

  • How you solved a problem for yourself (there is power in pain).
  • How you overcame an obstacle.
  • How you conquered a challenge.
  • How you lost weight/quit a vice.
  • Your love for a sport or hobby.
  • Your love for your kids or partner.
  • A specific skill set you’ve learned. You DO NOT have to be the best of the best with this skill set. You only have to be one step ahead of the person you’re teaching.
  • Share your experiences, lessons learned, wins, losses, and what terrifies you.
  • What you wish you would have known X years ago.
  • The advice you’d give the 2020 version of yourself. Or the 2018 version. Or the 2000 version.
  • Or the advice you wish you knew last week or month.

Most of the content I post online is for the old Adam.

Things I wish I knew, as it would have saved me time, money, stress, anxiety, frustration, shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear and frequent trips to the liquor store.

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Eliminate Topics That Aren’t Resonating

Eliminate any topics that aren’t resonating with your audience after 30 days.

Dive deeper on the topics that are resonating with people.

People will comment on your posts and shoot you DMs with questions.

Every DM is an opportunity to share more about that topic. No need to share who DM’ed you, but could reference that people are messaging you privately about XYZ topic. Answer that question publically.

I find a lot of my DMs are questions people are too embarrassed to ask in the open, so they ask privately in the DMs. If that person has a question, there are thousands of others who have that same question who are likely too scared to ask. Create content around that.

Don’t be surprised if people start reaching out asking you for help. They might want to know if you have any ebooks, trainings, or courses on the topic. If you do not, you could recommend them something (affiliate marketing). People will reach out, asking if you offer coaching or mentorship.

In fact, here’s a message I received earlier today;

I get a couple of these types of messages every week.

This is what happens when you start posting content consistently.

People seek you out.

You become the hunted, and that’s a great place to be in busienss.

Repeat This Process Until You Have 2-3 Topics

This can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

At the end of this time;

  • You’ll understand the platform much better.
  • You’ll know what content works/doesn’t work.
  • You’ll understand what your market wants/needs.
  • You’ll dramatically improve your content creation (this is a high value skill).
  • You’ll have a following of people who are interested in what you have to say (around topics that you enjoy talking about).

This strategy will be better than any “How to start an online business” course you purchase, as this gives you LIVE feedback from your marketplace.

This is what happens when you take fast, imperfect action.

This is how you get your audience to pick your niche for you.

The Hardest Thing to Overcome

This is a simple strategy.

An effective one, too.

I shared it on LinekdIn, and here’s what Anthony had to say:

It does involve work, however, you’re talking about topics you enjoy, so this should be fun and fulfilling.

Not to say you won’t run into days/weeks/months that you want to heave your desktop computer out of the window. If you haven’t had those days, they’re coming. 😜

Your mindset will be your biggest obstacle.

The fear of judgement/fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome are the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs.

It’s why I’ve been saying for years;

Business is 90% mindset and 10% strategy/tactic/luck

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t believe me when I tell them this. So they continue reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, registering for (more) webinars and investing in more courses in search to find that “one thing” that escapes them.

That one thing they feel is missing.

I chased that one thing for years myself.

A lady DM’d me on Facebook last night, “What is the secret to affiliate marketing?”

I responded, “Focus, discipline, consistency, hard work, patience and a bulletproof mindset. There are no secrets. I promise.”

She didn’t believe me.

She believes the $2,500 courses hold the “missing link”.

Sadly, a lot of people believe this.

You can solve 99.4% of business problems with a simple Google or YouTube search.

It’s the six inches between your ears that’s holding that one thing. 

I promise.


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