Are you a dancing monkey?

Digital courses are strange.

Here is why I say that…

Last December, I invested in a training about positioning.

If you’re looking to catapult your competition, focus on how your positioned in your marketplace.

It’s the quickest marketing hack that I’m aware of.

You can literally do this overnight.


In the training, the teacher was talking about personal branding.

This guy’s made over a million dollars from his personal brand alone.

Mainly by posting on Facebook (no advertisements)

He then said (paraphrasing)…

It’s like I’m a dancing monkey.

If I want to make money, I (the monkey) has to show up and perform everyday. 

If the monkey stops performing, the money eventually dries up”

That stopped me dead in my tracks.

The training was five hours long.

I completed about 60% of it.

I couldn’t tell you one thing he taught me about positioning.

His view on personal brand really resonated with me.

It consumed me.

And sent me down a deep, dark rabbit hole (coincidentally this guy has a book called Follow the White Rabbit) 

And that opinion was well worth the $100 price tag.

Over the last several years, I’ve earned money from my personal brand.

By consistently publishing content on Tik, Tok, YouTube and Twitter.

I have way too much fun publishing content (like writing these emails), so this isn’t an email telling you I’m putting an end to that. I’ll be publishing content, in some form, till the day I die.

However, the big negative with a personal brand is you cannot sell it.

It is an asset, as you can leverage it in many ways.

However, it’s not a sellable asset.

I turn 40 in August, and that (along with a few other things) got me thinking over the last couple of months.

In tomorrow’s email, I am going to reveal a story about entrepreneur who built a million dollar business selling ebooks and short trainings.

Well, she did have a million dollar business, until tragedy struck last August.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for that email.