Be careful of the “curse of knowledge”

You know more than you think you do.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

Adam stopping by again…

I got a comment late last night on a Tik Tok video.

Now, I don’t mean any negativity to this person.

They just don’t understand.

Just like if a Hippotherapist or a Feng Shui Consultant were talking to me about their line of work.

I’d look at them if they just stepped off the spaceship and had tentacles sticking out of their head.

This was on a Tik Tok I made about how to earn $510/mo selling an ebook (selling one a day @ $17/ea)

Here’s the thing…

I got SEVERAL comments just like this.

Where people didn’t understand that you could write an ebook ONCE and sell it over and over.

There are people like this in the market you serve.

They are clueless to how things work, as they are not aware of it.

Again, no hate to these people.

It just goes to show that I need to do a better job educating my audience.

And you likely need to do the same, {first_name}.

What we take for granted or chalk up as “common knowledge” could be that spark or that “ah ha” moment they needed for things to click.

This is referred to by experts as the “curse of knowledge“.

Per the Wikipedia, it’s;

A cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, who is communicating with other individuals, assumes they have the background knowledge to understand.

Just proving that what we know (and undervalue) is, indeed, extremely valuable.

So you might be talking about step 36 & 37 with your market, and they might not understand you.

You might need to get back to square one and talk about the absolute basics.

The things we all assume everyone knows.

You know what happens when you assume, right?

You make an ass out of you and me.

Something along those lines.

The message in all this:

Don’t short change yourself. Your experiences and life lessons are beyond valuable.

They might come easy to you now, but I promise, at one point, you struggled with it.

And there are thousands and thousands of people who are struggling with that same thing right now.

Be the person to help them.


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