How to Make Money on Twitter

How to Make Money on Twitter (REVEALED: $100 a Day on Twitter Plan)

I got started on Twitter back in 2009.

Rarely did I use it for busienss, as it was for personal reasons. I enjoyed watching sports while tweeting, as it was somewhat like watching the games live with my buddies.

Admittedly, I get a ton of joy interacting with strangers on the internet and sharing my thoughts on the latest touchdown pass from Tom Brady, or the dunk from Lebron James.

Also, I have never seen anyone say this before, but I find Twitter to be incredibly therapeutic. This is something I’ve felt for years.

Twitter is filled with an immense amount of funny ass people in this world.

And these people graciously share their talents (sometimes fucked up thoughts) with the Twitter world.

Here are some of the accounts that keep me from wanting to choke the mailman or kick the neighbor’s dog;

Darwin Award

Rex Chapman (Yes, the former NBA player)

Tony P

Next time you’re having a shitty day, open up Twitter and go to one of their accounts.

Scroll the feed for a few minutes. I’m willing to bet you’ll be smiling.

Back on Twitter

In November of 2018, Ben Settle sent out an email about a customer of his, Nate Schmidt.

Nate was having quite a bit of success building his email list using Twitter (Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your site, blog, Shopify store, YouTube videos, etc). I checked out Nate, and liked what he was tweeting.

I ended up installing the app on my phone,

The rest,as they say, is history.

I deleted Facebook from my phone shortly after that.

I rarely use Instagram.

Twitter is pretty much the only social media channel I use anymore.

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Why I Enjoy Twitter

I have digitally met some fantastic people on that site over the last 14 months.

There are some young bucks on there who inspire the Hell out of me. Like Jaxson, who is 17, and earning a few thousands dollars a month. Or former heavyweight boxer, Ed Latimore, who tweets about mindset and entrepreneurship. Or guys like Jose Rosado, who’s native language isn’t English, and he’s built a six figure busienss all from Twitter in less than a year.

It’s a social media site jam packed with inspiration.

How to Earn $100 a Day on Twitter 5

You have to Know How to Communicate

Another reason I enjoy Twitter, is you’re limited to only 280 characters per tweet.

At first, you might view this as a negative, but it’s a positive, and here’s why;

It forces you to have to get your point across quickly.

Your communication skills will vastly improve when using Twitter. And any tool that improves communication, is something I want to use consistently.

On Instagram, pictures of cars, a house or a nice body will get you follows. None of these really involve any talent.

To grow on Twitter you need to be talented, and to be able to communicate effectively.

I find people who share their opinions openly can quickly gain traction. Some use this as a growth strategy, and it works well.

No doubt this will bring out the haters/trolls, but will also increase your loyal followers which typically translates to more money in your bank account.

It’s a Great Way to Drive Traffic

Twitter is a fantastic website to drive traffic.

With Facebook, when sharing a link (to your website, Shopify store, YouTube video or anywhere outside Facebook) they drastically reduce your reach. When you share a link (to an outside website) in your Facebook post, Facebook greatly reduces the number of people who see the post compared to when you post just text or an image.

Below is a screenshot from the Total Dads Facebook page.

The numbers are the reach (number of people who saw the post). The three red boxes are posts with links back to the Total Dads website. The other ones are just images, and you can see some of them get 12x more reach than the ones with links.

On Facebook, you have to pay to play. 

On Instagram, you’re only allowed to have one link in your bio. You really can’t promote blog posts on Instagram when you’re only allowed one link.

Also. you have to instruct the user to go to your and then click the link. This is called friction, and not what you want when marketing online. Instagram is great for building a brand, but a shitty place to use to drive traffic (without ads).

With Twitter, you can share multiples links per day and drive a tsunami of traffic to any of your web properties. I imagine Twitter reduces your reach with links, however, it’s no where near as bad as Facebook.

Twitter is my number one traffic driver for my YouTube channel;

How to Make $100 a Day on Twitter

When building anything online, it takes hard work, dedication, a deep desire for change, unshakable confidence, an unwavering belief in yourself and an insane amount of patience.

To name a few things ?

I am not here to blow sunshine up your ass and tell you this shit’s easy, because it’s not.

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The Absolute Secret to Success

It absolutely can be done when you work it consistently.

Consistency is the key to anything you want in life — business, health, relationships, building muscle, losing weight, getting out of debt, etc.

It’s the secret to success, if there was such thing.

The Slight Edge:Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness, is my all-time favorite book, and proves my point above. If you have not read it, I cannot recommend it enough.

In fact, if you buy it and don’t enjoy it, shoot me an email and I will buy it back from you. That is how confident I am in the book.

How to Automate Tweets

There are several tools out there that allow you to automate your tweets. This can save a considerable amount of time, as you can sit down once a week and schedule a week’s worth of tweets in about 30 minutes.

I wouldn’t recommend only doing this. I do both — schedule my tweets with software and manually send out tweets throughout the day. A lot of times, I retweet other people’s tweets which is quite difficult to automate.

My favorite Twitter auto posting tool is called OneUp. This tool not only allows you to schedule tweets, but you can recycle tweets.

For example, I can set up a tweet to post on Wednesday at 4:10 pm. I have the option to repeat the post every day/week/month/year/custom.

Then I have the option to choose how many times I want it to post.

Here is a screenshot;

This tool allows to me to schedule out tweets for months on end.

With Twitter, you’re always gaining/losing followers, so don’t worry much about people seeing your content multiple times. I have yet to receive a compliant for duplicate content.

If I did hear a complaint, I would kindly tell them to FUCK OFF unfollow me.

I occasionally use Buffer to quickly schedule tweets, as the interface is easier to use then OneUp. I have the free account, as I rarely use it. TweetDeck is another popular tool, that I used years ago.

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There is no “perfect” tool. Find one that you like, and use that. I prefer OneUp, for the repeating of tweets. The interface is not as clean looking, but the time it saves me is a great trade off.

Area of Expertise

For online marketers, focusing on a few key areas can be quite difficult.

You want to narrow your focus to 2-3 areas that you tweet about (this really applies to any/all social media channels). Ideally, you want your target market to associate a word or phrase when they think of your or your business (I discuss it in more detail in this blog post).

Here is why that is powerful;

Last week, an online friend of mine tweeted that out.

As you can see, I am the only “Facebook marketing” expert she recommends. With this single tweet, I had gained 50-60 followers. Being known for something is how to grow a loyal following that will also boost your bank account.

You want to be known for a certain topic of skill, it’s insanely powerful.

Ben Settle is the email guy (has been for years)

Justin Brooke is the traffic guy (has been for years)

Both of these are high income skills, and very valuable. Each of these men have built wildly loyal followings, and a big part of that, is they are known for something.

So this doesn’t just apply to Twitter, it applies to anything you do online. Doing this will significantly increase the chances of growing a following on Twitter, quickly.

50 Tweet a Day Strategy

A lot of the people  who teach how to make money on Twitter DOT com, will recommend tweeting out 50 – 75 tweets a day.

That number can seem absurd, but it’s not nearly as difficult as one might think.

Now, I aim for 25 tweets a day, however, over the last 90 days, I am averaging 16.1 tweets per day. Yes, I ruthlessly keep track with a spreadsheet each and every month.

You cannot improve what you don’t measure

Here is the 50 Tweet a day strategy, that can obviously be tweaked to fit your goals.

5 quotes – This can be quote from yourself, people in your industry, a favorite author, musician, actor/actress or whoever. You can share your thoughts on the quote, or just share the quote. I do this often with Jim Rohn quotes, as he’s my favorite motivational speaker.

5 “How to” tweets – Within Twitter, you can create “threads” which are a series of tweets that are connected to each other. Somewhat like a mini blog post. Creating a Twitter thread allows you to use more than 280 characters, so that you can go deeper on a topic. Threads are a great way to share your expertise/knowledge on a topic.

5 personal opinion tweets – Over the years, I have noticed the people with the largest audiences on social media are typically very opinionated. These opinions can range from busienss to politics to social issues to controversial topics.

5 promotional tweets – There is no correct ratio of sharing content/value and promoting yourself. I aim for a 5:1 ratio, so if I am tweeting out 25 times per day, I try to promote myself 5x per day. Promotion can be to download your whatever, selling a digital or physical product, book a call, shoot me a DM, etc.

5 inspirational tweets – Share quotes, thoughts you’re having, something uplifting or motivational.

5 controversial tweets – When tweeting something “controversial” a lot of people with put “Unpopular opinion” in quotes, as if, that somewhat lets them of the hook. Truth be told, I’ve done it before. You don’t need to add “unpopular opinion” to any of your tweets. Share your thoughts & beliefs openly and honestly. You’ll piss some off (that’s actually a good thing, and you’ll attract the right crowd).

5 Retweets – This is a great strategy to quickly gain more Twitter followers. I don’t necessarily strategically do this, but when I see a tweet I agree with (or disagree with) I will re-tweet it to my audience and share my thoughts on it. Often times, the original tweeter will re-tweet your thought to their following.  There are quite a few smart people out there that do this a couple times of day, and rapidly grow on Twitter.

15 replies – Most neglect this. Twitter is a great platform to engage with, to enter a conversation. Most use Twitter as a megaphone, not a listening tool. Agree with someone’s tweet? Share that with them. Disagree with them? Let them know why you do. Even a few words of encouragement to others is a great way to build connections.

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What to Sell on Twitter

This can be anything.

You can drive people to your online eCommerce store with the strategies I laid out above. These strategies apply to whatever you’re selling.

Many people sell their digital products using services like Gumroad, Teachable, or Udemy.

If you’re new to all that, I recently published a video showing you How to Sell Products Online for FREE.

You provide a service?

No problem! I know of a lot of people who use Twitter to build their email list. They use the email list to nurture these leads and eventually sell them a service. This works for any service based business. You could also use Twitter to drive traffic to your website/blog to build an audience & establish credibility. When you build up that know, like and trust factor you can start tweeting opportunities to hop on a call with you.

Wrapping It Up

This is a strategy that can be followed to start earning $100 a day on Twitter.

If you’re looking for a shortcut, this is an excellent course on how to QUICKLY  make money on Twitter. As of this writing, this course has 107 5-star reviews.

Like with any online business, you need to be consistent with your efforts. There will be days that you don’t feel like tweeting, but you must push through it. Also, leverage the tools I shared above to help on those days you don’t feel like sharing your thoughts & beliefs with the world.

I recorded a video discussing the strategy in more detail. I share some examples of tweets that made me money, and how you an replicate what I did.

Also, I reveal the absolutely insane power of Twitter Analytics. if you’re not leveraging the gift Twitter offers us on a silver platter, you’re truly missing out.

I explain that and more in much finer detail in the video below

As always, if you have comments, questions or concerns, please post them below.