I feel like an 8-year old on Christmas Eve

I don’t know about you…

But this fills me up with excitement.

I’m talking 8-year-old Christmas Eve excitement.

I’m weird like that.


Hearing stories about how other creators are building businesses online excites me.

Recently, I launched a new series over on the YouTubes.

Where I highlight creative entrepreneurs turning their skill set, knowledge, wisdom and/or experiences into unique online businesses.

I’m calling the new series: Creative Creators.

The other day, I uploaded episode #2.

WATCH: $16,000 per Month Teaching Mail Chimp?

You’ll hear about one entrepreneur who’s earning $16,000/mo teaching Mail Chimp.

You’ll hear about a lady who turned a 25-year struggle into a $6,000/mo income with a blog (one of the weirdest niches I ever done heard of).

You’ll also hear about a creator who launched a low-priced course, at the beginning of the pandemic, and did half a million in sales in 2020!

The internet is filled with opportunity.

You literally can build a business around anything your heart desires.


The goal with this series is to inspire you.

To show you what’s possible (literally…anything!)

To motivate you to get out there and start building the business you truly desire.

===> Check out the latest Creative Creators episode here