Why You Must Always Play to Win

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Earlier today, the Chiefs had a 4th and inches situation

A couple minutes left in the game.

The season on the line.

They lined up in shotgun

Appearing as if they were going to go for it.

Tony Romo told the viewers they wouldn’t snap the ball.

They were attempting to draw the Browns offsides.

99% of coaches would do the same.

Then call a timeout.

And punt the ball.

Not Andy Reid.

With a backup quarterback in the game

They snapped the ball.

And decided to PASS the ball.

Unheard of when it’s 4th and inches.

Hill caught the ball.

Game over.

Chiefs are on their way to a third consecutive AFC Championship game.

A gutsy call? Absolutely.

Any Reid plays to win.

Far too many play not to lose.

I see it all the time.

They’re scared, lack confidence, and tip toe through life.

I did it for years.

I get it.

Life is not meant to be lived like this.

Playing to win is the mindset of a champion.

When you play to win and “lose” or “fail”, it’s not “over”.

You get back up and try again.

And again.

And again.

On the flip side, when you play to win, and win — it’s a thrill that’s tough to top.

Life is a more satisfying when you play to win.