Adam Dukes

A Dadpreneur, a marketing strategist, a horrendous fantasy football player, a dreadful golfer, a cheeseburger connoisseur and a wastebucket full of useless sports knowledge.

This is NOT a Sexy topic

But it needs to be said. As it’s leading people to crippling doubt, second guessing themselves, and some are throwing in the towel altogether. Adam stopping by again…. The problem I see in this industry is: Unrealistic expectations It’s mind-blowing to see what some people expect out of business. Some of these people in these FB groups are upset

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This is a strategy you can implement today. It costs you ZERO dollars, and ZERO cents. And might just be the best damn ROI for your business. Adam stopping by again… Female entrepreneurs call it “business besties”. Some of these ladies have multiples “besties”. I don’t have a fun, creative name for you today. However, I do recommend

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Why business is boring AF

Why losing weight and business are the same damn thing. And how it can be looked at as boring. Adam stopping by again… As you’re reading this email, I’m picking up the kids. I haven’t seen them in 15 days. After four years, this single Dad thing hasn’t got one bit easier. This has been

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